September 15, 2011



Client: Bell
Agency: Leo Burnett
Agency CD: Judy John
Agency CW/AD: Marcus Sagar, Noreel Asuro
Agency Producer: Julie Caniglia
Production Company: Tendril Design+Animation Inc.
Directors: Chris Bahry, Alexandre Torres
Executive Producer: Kate Bate
Producer: Anne Deslauriers
Music & Sound Design: WhiteNoise Lab
Concept Design and Storyboard: Luis Guilherme,
Vini Nascimento, Alexandre Torres
Character and Creature Design: Marco Teixeira
3D Animation: Renato, Ferro, Vini Nascimento,
Marcin Porebski, Kevin Vriesinga
Environments, Lighting, Textures: Marek Denko and Peter Sanitra of NoEmotion
Particle FX: Marek Denko, Peter Sanitra of NoEmotion
Compositors: Chris Bahry, Steven Hollman,
Leo Mateus

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