September 19, 2011

Industrial Light & Magic is Hiring!

For over thirty years, Industrial Light & Magic, a division of Lucasfilm Ltd., has set the standard for visual effects and in the process, created some of the most stunning images in the history of film. At the forefront of the digital revolution, ILM continues to break new ground in visual effects.

Some of the current work in production includes Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Battleship, and The Avengers.

We are seeking talented artists in the following disciplines for positions in our San Francisco office:

Summary: Designs and creates animation for 3D CG characters and creatures for digital feature and live-action integrated feature films.
Requirements: Bachelor’s in Fine Art, Illustration, Animation, CG Art, or a related field preferred; Expert knowledge of animation principles, acting, film production and compositional design required; 3+ years experience in 3D CG; proficiency with LINUX; expertise with Maya and/or other high-end animation software preferred; Demo reel required.

Digital Compositor
Summary: Combines live action and computer generated elements into visual effects shots that realize the vision and creative direction of the client and visual effects supervisor.
Requirements: 3+ years of digital compositing experience in a feature film production environment. Proficiency with Linux and strong fine arts foundation skills, such as photography and photographic lighting preferred. Demo reel required.

Digital Matte Artist
Summary: Creates photo-real environments and landscapes exhibiting a strong foundation in photo-realistic traditional and digital art skills. Performs tasks related to integrating imagery into a shot, preserving a unified sense of lighting, perspective and color. Creates original 2D/3D content that may comprise all or part of an environment.
Requirements: 2+ years of production experience. Bachelor’s in art, industrial design, theatrical design or painting preferred. Demo reel required.

Summary: Designs and renders FX animation, procedural simulation, dynamic simulation, particle and fluid systems.
Requirements: Advanced simulation experience with either Houdini, Maya, XSI, 3DS Max or other software, and particle rule authoring skills are required. Linux, scripting ability in Python and MEL preferred; C++ skills also applicable. Exhibits strong teamwork and interdisciplinary thinking. 3-5+ years feature film experience with effects simulation work preferred. Bachelor\'s degree in CS, engineering or CG. Demo reel required.

Lighting TD
Summary: Technical Directors are responsible for the lighting, rendering and basic compositing of complex shots. Designs and creates the lighting and look of computer generated objects and scenes. Creates elements for digitally composited sequences. Responsible for compiling the various elements of a shot for review and seeing it through to completion.
Requirements: Advanced experience with either Maya, XSI, 3DS Max, Houdini or other software. Linux and Python scripting or shader authoring preferred; C++ skills also applicable. Exhibits strong teamwork and interdisciplinary thinking. 3-5+ years feature film experience preferred. Bachelor\'s degree in CS, engineering or CG. Demo reel required.

VFX Producer
Summary: Partner with the Visual Effects Supervisor and Animation Director to lead crew in fulfilling the Director\'s vision -- on time and on budget, while maintaining highest quality of work. Primary responsibility for: budget and schedule, in collaboration with ILM Management; and for managing overall Client relationship.
Requirements: Bachelor\'s degree in Film or related field or equivalent work experience required. Five years work experience in production management to include strong working knowledge of Visual Effects techniques and terminology. Proficiency in Macs/PCs including Microsoft Word and Excel. Must possess very strong organizational and communication skills and be able to handle a variety of tasks in an efficient manner while meeting deadlines.

How to Apply

Mail Submissions to:
Industrial Light & Magic
Attn: Recruiting
P.O. Box 29909, San Francisco, CA 94129-0909

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